Why We Are Needed


We Serve the Underserved.
Only 20% of adults have a bank account. Even less have access to credit. Our loans help fill that void.

The "underserved" are those who are rejected by commercial banks because their income is too small, they lack assets for collateral, or simply because they are unable to complete the loan application due to illiteracy. Many live in rural communities where the nearest financial institution is a half-day walk away. These individuals are then either forced to borrow from unofficial money lenders charging interest as high as 100% or resign themselves and their families to a lifetime of poverty. We believe that is unacceptable.

Access to credit and financial services is a vital need for the poor, especially women, and can help families and entire communities lift themselves out of poverty. CML provides financial assistance for the poor but aspiring entrepreneur who dreams of a better life -- the mother who knows sending her child to school will be the escape from poverty, the farmer who envisions feeding his entire village.

By serving the underserved, we believe our loans provide hope for a brighter tomorrow.